Linked below is a great article about bathroom renovations by Scott McGilivary.  

Here are my thoughts on his best 7 points relative to getting the best return on your investment when it comes to resale:

1. "DON’T attempt to renovate an entire bathroom on your own." 
Trust me, the difference between a professional and a DIY job will be apparent to potential buyers.

2. "DO design a Jack & Jill washroom that offers two vanities, or a double sink within a large vanity, if space and budgets permit."
YES! Buyers love this.

3. "DON’T eliminate the tub in favour of a stand up shower if it’s the only one in the house."
100% yes. At minimum, people with kids want bathtubs, but lots of buyers love a good soak in the tub. A home without even 1 bathtub is an oddball, and harder to sell.

4. "DO hide the toilet if you can."
If you have the space in your layout, this is a MUST. If you don't have room for a door you can tuck it into an enclosure. People love this.

5. "DO install a 36” vanity instead of the standard 24” if you have the space." 
Good value in this upgrade; it makes the bathroom feel more spacious for not a lot more money.

6. "DON’T go to over-the-top on your faucets."
Unless its a really high-end home, I agree. Buyers don't usually examine this level of fine detail. As long as you choose good quality matching bathroom hardware, that's good enough.

7. "DON’T buy a fancy toilet with features like voice commands and self-cleaning features unless it’s for your own personal enjoyment."
LOL, I think this one is fairly obvious!

Are you planning a reno? Don't forget to consider the impact of your choice on resale. Feel free to call me if you want to run your ideas past me!