Getting a pre-approval through a mortgage broker or bank--NOT by an online calculator but by an actual human being that has actually reviewed your actual finances--will save you big time.

It will definitely save you time, and may save you some heartache if you fall in love with a home that turns out isn't in your price range. 

But it will also save you money if you end up competing for a home. Sellers always like offers that are as secure as possible, and will often pick an offer that is for less money if it is more secure.

If your financing is already arranged, your offer is more secure than a comparable offer from people that don't have their financing organized, so you will A) be more likely to get the home you want and B) have a good chance of getting it for less money than if your financing was still a question mark. 

Confused? I believe it.  We help people buy homes successfully and strategically all over Winnipeg, and we know all the angles inside and out.

We are a ready to help you get a great home, for the best price.  Call me today and I will help.