Amber's pup Franklin. 

Amber's pup Franklin. 

You’ve made the decision to move — you have found your perfect home and though there’s packing and lists and all that fun stuff, there is something you cant forget — your pet!  It’s not just a move for you, it’s one for them too.  Here are a few helpful tips you can incorporate into your move prep…


•   ID Tag & Microchip - Update your pets ID tag with your new address & contact info.  It doesn’t cost much however it can save you heartache in the long run.  Could you imagine if your pet went wondering off in the midst of the move?  Most pet tags are inexpensive and are available at local pet stores.  And remember - if your pet has a microchip, update that info with your veterinary office before you move!


•   Medical records - Simple yet important and easily forgotten; most veterinary clinics will transfer your pets medical records to your new vet.  If you prefer, obtain a copy of your pets records and deliver to the new veterinarian.


•   Medication -  If your pet takes meds, ensure you have them handy during the move and that you have a sufficient supply.  You don’t want to have to make a run to your vet while you’re trying to unload the moving van! Having them on hand will save the time and energy you need for the move.


•   Bed, Blanket, Comfort Items!  If you’re road tripping to relocate to your new home, bring toys, a favourite blanket and of course your pets bed! Overnight stays in hotels and even long car rides will be more comfortable for them and you during the trip.


•   The Necessities … Water and food!  Ensure you have water and food for your pet, travelling is hard on them too!  Don’t have space for their usual food bowls?  Collapsable bowls are a great option that can be found at most pet stores - they’re convenient and save space.


•   Poop Bags & Leash - This seems obvious, however given your list of items to remember for the move, poop bags and leash are easy to forget, however very important! Be a good neighbour and pet owner and make sure you clean up their mess!


•   Vehicle Prep - You love your pet and want to ensure their ride in the vehicle is a safe one.  Whether it’s a travel pet carrier, seat belt or safety device, make sure this is installed and ready to go on move day and that it's comfortable!  Also consider preserving your vehicle seats with covers or protectors; if a mess occurs, it’s easy to clean and avoids slowing you down.  Also great to protect seats from pet hair and muddy paws!


Finally, unpack and settle in!  Having your pet with you, will make your new house feel like home.