As we ring in a new year, being in Real Estate and being in love with home design, I just had to look into the 2018 kitchen trend predictions. 

I’m the type to be curious about what designers claim will be on trend, then watch to see what actually catches on with home owners. Sometimes I'm right and sometimes I'm surprised -- the gold hardware trend has definitely been a shocker for me! 

If you like to follow home decor trends, then here is the latest on what designers, renovators and homeowners are predicting to be popular in 2018 … and the outcome is interesting!!  

1/ Cabinetry colours - No surprise here, the white kitchen will continue to be the most popular cabinetry colour with variations, like 2 toned cabinetry or cream and beige versions coming into play as well.  The surprise — blues and greens may be making an appearance in 2018 according to, not only in backsplash choices but also in cabinetry!

2/ Counters - as expected, designers, renovators and homeowners all feel the Quartz countertop is here to stay.  The game changer?  Dark counters! claims dark, dramatic counters are the wave of the future, popular because of their dramatic affect.

3/ Backsplash Design - this is a great spot to show your own personal style in your kitchen.  When looking into trends, it seems that for backsplashes almost anything goes! Colours, patterns, materials … there’s not much that isn’t on trend.  Let’s just hope those coloured fruit and veggie mural tiles don’t return … remember those?!?

4/ Hardware - variations of gold hardware will continue to gain popularity.  It seems most people remodeling in 2016/17 were staying away from the trend as it can have a 1980s brass feel that most of us don’t want to be reminded of — but it looks like this trend has caught on! 

I have to admit, I was not a fan at first, however after remodeling my oldest son's bedroom to his taste, which turned out to be black and white with matte gold accents (he is clearly way ahead of his time), I have become a fan of the matte gold version of decor and hardware.  I’m not so bold that I would do this in a kitchen, however, I do like the look of it when done right! 

Another note on hardware, matte black hardware is being chosen more and more by homeowners …and it will be interesting to follow this trend through 2018. 

5/ Appliances - Better Homes and Gardens claims integrated appliances are on a comeback.  I myself am getting a touch tired of the constant stainless steel & I feel like there should be more choices!! The trend of integrated appliances takes me back to many years ago when it seemed only wealthy homeowners could actually afford this option.  It is a way of blending appliances for a seamless look however it can also come across as somewhat monotone or bland, so I’m not sold on this quite yet.

6/ Style -  What I do like about the 2018 cabinetry trends is the style … there’s the growing popularity in the ‘x column’ island feature seen frequently on and and I’ll have to admit, I like this detail.  To me, it’s a way to give the kitchen island some subtle style in a more budget-friendly way than using a ‘waterfall edge’ island counter and a subtler style then island corbels.

7/ Colour - Finally, the Pantone Colour of the year is Ultra Violet!  I wonder if this colour will make its way into kitchens this year?

After reviewing the 2018 kitchen trends there is one thing that hasn’t changed: full kitchen renovations are an investment which can have a major impact on the function of your kitchen as well as your home’s resale value.  That’s where we come in.

If you are considering a renovation of this magnitude, its always worthwhile to get an opinion about the costs & benefits of renovating versus moving versus building a new home, and the ROI on your planned renovations. Here is a wonderful article giving helpful information for your kitchen Reno

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