As of October 17/2018 the federal government of Canada has decriminalized cannabis across the country. They have also decriminalized growing up to four plants in your home without consequence.

But, fellow Manitobans, before you run out and purchase the supplies needed to grow your own plants, there is something very important that you need to know: 

It’s still illegal in Manitoba to grow your own recreational cannabis at home!

You may now consume it at home, or any other place deemed legal and acceptable to do so and you are also allowed to carry up to 30 grams on your person, but to grow it yourself in Manitoba is a criminal offence which carries stiff fines and charges, and if convicted, will most likely bar you from entry to the USA.

There are also huge implications for the resale value of your home.

Whether it was a single plant grown in a closet or an entire houseful used by a criminal element, financing the purchase of a former grow-op is next to impossible—so if your home has been registered as a grow-op, the pool of potential purchasers for your home will shrink to those that can buy it cash, i.e.; almost nobody.

Buyers will also have other concerns— how safe the house is, has it been exposed to hazards, moisture damage, and, even if remediated, will there be some residual impact down the line.

All of this will affect your property value in a negative way, even if the house has been bought and sold numerous times. 

The message is clear in Manitoba—you may consume it as you like but do not grow it yourself at home!