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Here we go with some advice for staging your home in winter! In Winnipeg, the busy “spring” market starts when it’s absolutely still winter outside, so here are my top two tips for selling a home in winter. 

1: Stage for the cold, ie focus on making your home feel like a warm & cozy retreat from the cold. Your home should be physically warm—bump up a notch or two on the thermostat, run your gas or electric fireplace for showings, but also decorate to make it seem warm—use cozy blankets liberally through the house, display slippers by the bedside or shower, add fuzzy throw pillows to the couch or bed, or have the fireplace channel playing on your TV. 

2: Stage for the dark, ie: add light! Not only should you make sure that every light is on for showings (even during the day), but add as many light sources as possible to every room. Multiple layered sources of light go a long way to making your home bright but also cozy. Don’t forget exterior lights & feel free to add as many there as possible too! Happy selling, Winterpeg! PS this pic was a house we sold in River Park South a few years ago.