My approach to my career has always been to strive for the best.  My competitive nature was developed in high-level athletics where the only way to succeed was to be a leader and deliver by example but partially its just never been in my nature to let something leave my desk until its perfect. 

As a result, I achieved top producer status at both RE/MAX and Coldwell Banker in my solo practice before joining the Moore Group and I was the top producer in my entire Coldwell Banker office. 

Eventually I realized that I had reached the ceiling on what I could accomplish as a solo realtor, and making the leap from individual practice to a structured, professional, team-based approach with the ultra-talented realtors at the Moore Group was the natural next step.

The partnership we’ve created at the Moore Group is setting a new standard for real estate in Manitoba. Our vision is to deliver marketing that is years ahead of the competition, with a strong focus on customer service & respect. We’re good people serving good people, period.


To rewind my story back to the beginning, entrepreneurism ran in my blood from a very early age—my first “job” was when I bought a gas station in Westwood at the tender age of 21 and was the youngest Superstore gas franchisee in Canada.

Being in business was a great fit for me, but I had big dreams.  A few years later I sold the station and moved to Calgary to earn a degree in business and marketing. I loved every minute of my degree, and felt like every day I had new ideas that I waned to apply to my former business.

Next, I bought another gas station in British Columbia that happened to be located across the street from a RE/MAX office, and the realtors from that office quickly became some of my best buds.  These guys were super smart, and they were running really tight, really professional businesses.  I liked what I saw.

Next up was the birth of a baby of beautiful baby girl, which naturally brought me back to Winnipeg to raise her among family and friends.

I sold my gas station in BC, and bought a house in Crescentwood literally right across the street from the very apartment I had last lived in 12 years earlier.

I hadn’t been able to utilize my marketing skills as much as I would have liked with the gas stations, and between the influence of my realtor buddies, and the degree of panic that comes with being a parent, I decided to take the leap into real estate.

I couldn’t have made a better choice.  


Real estate is the perfect career for me.  People often ask me whether I prefer buyers or sellers and the truth is honestly that I love both. The matter-of-factness of selling-- of drafting a plan, executing it, and seeing the results is super rewarding. But the romance of purchasing a home is equally exciting.

But the bottom line is that both sides are infinitely more rewarding when part of a dynamic, supportive team of sharp, talented & fun realtors that we have at the Moore Group.

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As for my personal life, the tiny little baby that brought me back to Winnipeg and into the perfect career is now a fiercely intelligent, creative, and super sweet little girl named Charlie that is the light of my life.

Most of my free time is doing the usual dad stuff—dance classes, walks the park, ice cream dates. I try to be as much of a regular at the gym as I can and otherwise do my part to keep the local restaurants in business.   

We still live in that house in Crescentwood, and we absolutely love the small town feeling of living in the area. Between the school drop-off, breakfast meeting at the Falfel Place, grocery stop at IGA, client meeting at the Grove, and after-dinner gelati on Corydon with my daughter, there are many days that I don’t even have to turn on my car. Its absolutely perfect.

I welcome your business and referrals and I promise to treat you like family.