Q: What is my home worth?

A: Pricing a huge asset that is close to your heart is complicated. Many clients are tempted to go with the realtor who suggests the highest listing price, yet six months later, as their carrying costs are mounting, they wonder why their property hasn’t sold.

Scott believes that the best way to get the maximum money for your home is to market and negotiate aggressively from a realistic price point and he will provide you with an honest, comprehensive and statistics-based Market Evaluation of your home’s value.

Q: How long will it take to sell my home?

A: Scott Moore will tailor a marketing plan to your individual property and timeline. He uses on-line, social media and conventional print advertising to sell homes quicker and for more money.

Q: What will Scott do online to sell my home?

A: Ninety percent of home sales start with a buyer looking at the MLS listing. Scott knows it is crucial to entice these buyers with professional quality photos and video and sophisticated content for every single listing, no matter the price point. In addition to MLS, Scott will leave no online stone unturned, showcasing your property on Kijiji, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Q: What about conventional advertisements?

A: Many realtors shy away from using conventional marketing and print media--probably because of the cost. Scott wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t target this market knowing that 1 in 10 potential buyers is going to find your home in the Winnipeg Free Press or the Real Estate News.  Scott will also provide full-colour professional brochures. 

Q: What about open houses?

A: Even in this digital age, Scott believes an old-fashioned open house remains a great way to generate buzz and excitement about a property new to the market. Scott elevates his open houses with cookies and champagne (aka sparkling fruit juice in wine glasses!) to make perspective buyers feel welcomed, at home, and give them a sense of celebration while viewing your home.

Q: Does Scott only sell luxury homes?

A: Scott specializes in the sale and marketing of luxury homes, and his average sale price is $446,000, which is about double the average sale price in Winnipeg. However, Scott’s client is the person, not the property. You can take advantage of Scott’s state of the art marketing techniques and attention to detail to get the maximum profit for your home, regardless of the price point.

Q: Will Scott keep in touch with me?

A: Scott knows that sellers want to be informed about the process of selling their home. He provides regular and consistent feedback about the process via email, phone or text progress reports, including analysis of online traffic.

Q: I am nervous about selling my home...

A: Selling a home is a pivotal event in most people’s lives, both emotionally and financially. Sellers have an individual relationship with their property, which commonly represents both their history and aspirations. It is natural to feel overwhelmed with the process of putting a price tag on something so personal.

Scott Moore respects the complexity of this process and has the knowledge, experience and professionalism to guide you through this transition to the next phase in your life.

Q: How should I prepare and stage my home?

A: Scott is a master at simple, cheap and effective techniques that will get you the most impact for your investment. He will conduct an in-home staging consultation to give you suggestions.

Q: How can I reach Scott?

A: By phone, text, or email, nearly 24 hours a day! The real estate market moves too fast to have an agent that is not fully engaged in selling your home. Scott guarantees a prompt response to you and to potential buyers and their agents.