We are Relocation Specialists


Relocating to a new city is the best way to take the already stressful event of moving, and boost the stress level up to maximum.

However with someone to guide you through the details, it can also be very exciting and enjoyable.

With most of our agents having been through the relocation process personally and with hundreds of clients, we are here to help.

Most of our relocation clients have a very limited amount of time in Winnipeg to find the right home in the right neighbourhood in proximity to the right schools and community amenities. You need a realtor who is familiar with this process, and who knows how to help.

The Moore Group realtors will spend the time with you to conduct a complete analysis of your family’s needs and pinpoint the neighbourhoods that will suit you the best. We will preview houses for you to ensure your time spent viewing homes is as efficient and effective as possible. We will assist you with hotel, entertainment and restaurant bookings, can provide you with connections to lawyers, home inspectors, and moving companies, as well as connect you with the school and community connections that you'll need.

Finally, and most importantly, once you have selected a property, we will use our 35+ years of negotiation experience to get you the best possible house for the lowest possible price. We recognize that a property is a home for your family, but it is also a very important investment that needs to reflect or even better, beat market values, in order to protect your family's financial future. 

Contact us now to begin the process and we will treat you like gold!